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"Give someone a fish and they eat for the day. Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime."

Taking the step towards becoming the best version of yourself  is one of the brave and life changing decisions. I believe the most rewarding part of the both the therapeutic and coaching process is coming to the place where you feel you’ve got the tools you need and you’ve gotten out of it what you came into it for. Essentially, when you feel all your hard work has paid off! I am a firm believer that therapy/coaching should not be a life sentence for life’s problems. While I can’t guarantee success or make any promises, I will do everything within my knowledge and expertise to give you a great “tool kit” of skills and strategies to take with you wherever you go.

Each of the treatment modalities I use are designed to last only the length of time needed to teach you all the skills you need as you continue your recovery. This time ranges for everyone and we will work together to decide what that looks like for you. Prior to discharge, we will discuss your goals and progress, and plan for how you can continue achieving your goals in manageable ways. Check up appointments in the future are encouraged as sometimes we just need a little refreshing on some skills. Overall, my goal is to not just "give you a fish," as the saying goes, but teach you how.

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